• Dexter McLean

Ibiza: What it's like raving in a wheelchair on the party island

19th November 2018

This short documentary was made by a BBC reporter with Cerebral Palsy, with the aim of highlighting the difficulties and progress made regarding disabled access in the party scene in Ibiza. I agree and can relate with a lot of the things that Alex said in this video. I went to Portugal with my university and experienced the party scene and experienced the same issues with access. The main difference between Alex and myself was that I can walk, so accessing some areas was more possible for me, even though I have the same disability.

Alex shows that disabled people like everyone else, want to let off stream and partying should be accessible for those who do want to let off steam in that way. People make the assumption that the disabled community wouldn’t want to merge with the rest of the community. In Jamaica, partying was one of the ways I let off steam. It’s difficult to party as much as I’d like to as I couldn’t go by myself, I feel like I would need a carer with me and this isn’t always possible.