• Dexter McLean

Introduction to Dexter

25th November 2018

Dexter McLean Photography

Hello, my name is Dexter McLean I went to Middlesex University to do my BA in Photography and achieved a 1st class degree. The reason why I started this page is because I want to discuss people who are disabled and the fact that they're underrepresented in the media.

I was doing my masters and then I took a gap year for one year to focus on my GoFundMe project, which is about going to Jamaica to take pictures of disabled people. I don’t feel Jamaica have the opportunity and the finance to look after their disabled community.

It has been really hard to promote this project but I feel there is a big need for it, I am going to talk about different issues that I feel I need to talk about. I want to use this platform to discuss different exhibitions, movies and I really want to get different opinions. I also really want to get disabled people to talk about the issues they experience as disabled people.

I feel the media can do so much more for people. Bryan Adams (Wounded - The Legacy of the War) and Michael Stokes (Always Loyal) are my favourite books. My main question and concern is, when is the media going to give people who were born with a disability more opportunity to work in the media. I don’t feel disabled people are seen in a sexual way in the media. When are we going to wake up and speak about these issues.

Please send this page to everyone, the more people that see it, the better.