• Dexter McLean

Steve McCurry ‘The Iconic Photographs’

1st December 2018

Dexter McLean Photography

In 1950 Steve McCurry was born in America. When he was just 18 years old he travelled to Afghanistan and India to photograph different people. What I really love about his book ‘The Iconic Photographs’, is that the shots are so simple yet powerful. I don’t see Steve McCurry as a photographer I see him as an artist. He uses a technique that I haven’t seen any photographer use before, he uses positive film, which make the photographs colour very vibrant. This is very difficult technique to use; a light metre is often required to make sure that when taking the photos, the quality of the images are good. One of his most famous images is of a young Afghan girl. 20 years after taking this photo he returned to Afghanistan and found the same girl to take another photograph with the same pose. The photo is so simple but evokes so many feelings. It’s like there is a whole story behind her eyes. In the second photo you can look in her eyes and see it is the same person, however her eyes tell the story of a hard life, one that shows she is trying to persevere.

Dexter McLean Photography

I chose this image because it is one of my favourite images in the book, it is very simple and I like the way he is leaning. His left shoulder is very out of focus, which means McCurry is using a very wide aperture. I like the black background because it brings a lot of attention to the strong colours in the scarf.

This girl seems very nervous, I don’t think she is very comfortable, but I like it because it looks as though she isn’t giving full attention to the camera, her eyes are slightly at an angle to the shot.

Dexter McLean Photography

If I was given the opportunity through my fundraising attempts, I know I can create something like this but with disabled people in Jamaica.