• Dexter McLean

This is What Happens When You Send a Disabled Filmmaker to Jamaica

10th November 2018

I came across this video by James Sullivan documenting a small part of disabled community in Jamaica. James talks about the difficulties of being in a wheelchair, especially a push wheelchair and demonstrated the need to have to travel on the roadside, because of the state of the pavements.

James gets taken around by Patrick who is a wheelchair user in Jamaica. Patrick was shot in the past, which was the cause of his disability. Patrick managed to obtain a grant to learn how to be a wheelchair mechanic; he then used these skills to give back to the disabled community. Patrick’s desires and cause is similar to my own. I hope to help the community back in Jamaica by raising the level of media attention given to the disabled community, especially in Jamaica where the community is in need.

Less than 1% of disabled people in Jamaica are employed and Jamaica 15% of people in Jamaica are registered as being disabled. I believe that these statistics don’t show the whole picture. In some cases disabled people don’t even have a wheelchair to move around, and some disabled people wouldn’t even leave their homes as they’re kept inside to stop the public talking about them.

This is why I will keep promoting my project, because I feel the impact of it will be very good for the disabled society in Jamaica.

Statics found at: http://www.worldbank.org/en/news/feature/2016/04/18/acting-on-disability-discrimination-jamaica