• Dexter McLean

Those born disabled as less represented

24th November 2018

In this post I will be talking about 2 of my favourite photography books on disability and I also want to talk about my own photography project, where I am trying to raise some funds.

In this photograph (on left) displays the work of Bryan Adams. In my opinion, this photo is too formal. The subjects posture is very stiff, the clothes he is wearing are very formal and in the book, all the images are taken on a white background. I would have liked it if Adams experimented more with different backgrounds and taken some shots outside.

In Michael Stokes book ‘Always Loyal’ (photo top right), his photography is always seeking perfection, i.e. his subjects are always completely hairless. I feel that too much post editing has been done in the photos, causing the images to look too commercial and unrealistic; almost resembling a painting instead of a photograph. Another example of the over photo-shopped works by Stokes is in one of his shots, where a bullet is displayed and is as big as a person.

In this book, Stokes photography suggests to me that his target audience would be mostly for heterosexual woman, however there are many images in the book that would also suggest that his works are also for homosexual men.

In my image (bottom right), I am trying to do something different. I am trying to photograph people who are born with a disability, as I don’t think they are represented in the media. My target audience with this photography is those people who were born disabled, if they start to see people like them being represented in the media, it has the power to give them hope of a bright future, even with their disability. It is because of this why raising funds for my project in Jamaica is so important to me.