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Unsung Heroes

Mainly because the NHS gets so much attention with a focus on how heroic everyone in the NHS is. I don't disagree with this, the NHS is amazing and everyone who works for it is a hero, but regular carers, support workers, teachers, and learning assistants for the disabled get none. They were just as pressured during the pandemic, and continually face unknown challenges whilst making a huge difference to peoples lives.

"What resulted was a series of portraits taken as part of the routine school day, capturing a spare moment away from work that society typically under values, under funds, and discusses reluctantly. As Dexter put it, without these people it is unlikely he would have been able to go on to study at a higher level and make a reality of out his passion. On this occasion, he pays homage to the unrepresented, recognising them publicly in the process." 

-Disability Arts Online

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